Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to provide the qualityReading Food Labels - Ultra Premium. Read more ... » conscious petFur kids play. Read more ... » parent with the finest standards in pet sittingFREE Pet Sitting for Our Facebook Following . Read more ... » and dogReview: Pet Munchies – Natural Dog Treats. Read more ... » walkingDog Walking Adventures - To the Rescue. Read more ... » servicesPet Photography & Painting . Read more ... » around, so they are freeFREE Pet Sitting for Our Facebook Following . Read more ... » to enjoy the peace-of-mind of a worry-free vacationPet Sitting vs Boarding - Which is Right for Your Pet?. Read more ... » and workWorking with Animals (Video). Read more ... » lifeSecrets to Keeping Your Pets Young . Read more ... ».

View all of our available services. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't fret, contact us. There is a good chance we can accommodate you and your needs.


The vision at Lap of LuxuryDogs Don't Wear Bikinis. Read more ... » is to empower every pet owner with the knowledge of impeccable, in-homeDoes Your Pet Sitter Do That?. Read more ... » services available to them and their beloved pet companions.

Every pet owner wishing to provide their fur kids with security, privacy and unconditional carePet Food Recall: Natura Pet Products. Read more ... » will have a home with the Lap of Luxury family. Pet owners everywhere will be able to focus on their life at hand without having to stress about the well-being of their pet and home in their absence.

We are the gatekeepers, the pet nannies, your personal assistants and the emergency procedure know-it-all professionals through extended educationThe Pet Sitter BookShelf . Read more ... », trainingReview: Pet Munchies – Natural Dog Treats. Read more ... », and experience.


Our Clients


Our top value, the head honcho, the apple of our eye is YOU - the client! Satisfying our clientsSusie the Pug. Read more ... » is always our top priority! Our clients are our most important stakeholders in our business and lifeblood of our company. Only by satisfying our clients first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the markings of a successful business model and everyone within it from the president, to the client, and the staff members of Lap of Luxury.

Extraordinary Customer Service

We ARE you - the clients. It is only because of you that we exist and because of this we will go to extreme lengths and measures to ensure the satisfaction and delight of our clients. Simply meeting our clients expectations will not do! Through exceeding the expectations of our client we sweep them off of their feet like no other pet sitting or dog walkingDog Walking Benefits - Behaviour. Read more ... » company ever has or will. Together we flourish.


By educating our clients we are able to provide petsVinny's Midday Dog Walk. Read more ... » with immaculate pet care services, healthYour Cats Future Favorite Toys. Read more ... » informationTop 10 Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets. Read more ... », nutritional balance, and a one of a kind environmentProducts We're Loving. Read more ... » for the pet and home of our dear clients.

Meaningful Value

We give you luxurious personal indulgence with every service that you will feel immediately. Each service is provided with a touch of class and care that we've perfected and continue to do so every day.

Our Staff

The Best People

We are dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining the best suited talent for our intricate service business. We are in a great habit of providing challenges, teaching and nurturing a "can-do" attitude and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. Our success is dependent on the collective energy and intelligence of all of our team members. We strive to create a work environment where motivated team members can flourish and success in reaching their highest potential with Lap of Luxury Pet & Home Care.

The Best People Building Blocks

  • Self Accountability
  • Self Directed Personnel
  • Open Communication and Information
  • Empowerment
  • Incremental Progress
  • High Standards
  • Care & Respect
  • Shared Fate

Our Community & Environment

Sustainable Agriculture

By expanding the market for organicYour Cats Future Favorite Toys. Read more ... » products through the demand of organic supplies we help ensure the strong community support for organic growers, farmers and environment.

Green initiative

In our great respect and gratitude for our planet we insist on recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste whenever and wherever we can.


We recognize the importance of supporting our local community and smallProducts We're Loving. Read more ... » businesses by shopping local communities and helping cut down the costs of freight and the reduce the pollution on transportationPet Transportation Rules - "Taxi!". Read more ... » of goods.

Business to Business Integrity

We realize that our trade partners are a huge part in providing great service to our stakeholders. We treatPet Product of the Week: ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antler. Read more ... » them with deep respect, unquestioned fairness, and true integrity at all times and expect the same in return.

Safe at Home

No need to kennel your pets in unsanitary environments where kennel cough, fleas and other pet dangers prevail. Our pet-sitting services ease the trauma of your pets being separated from you, their primary care givers and provide a personally tailored visit to your pets with one on one attention and loveTake a New Twist on Valentine's Day Traditions. Read more ... ». All pet sitters at Lap Of Luxury are true pet-crusaders and certified in Pet First AidToxic and Poisonous Plants for Cats, Dogs, and Horses!. Read more ... ». We will make sure your pets get the proper amount of playFur kids play. Read more ... » and tender, loving care, so you too can take the stress out of your time apart from your beloved animalsVinny's Midday Dog Walk. Read more ... ».

Security Features - Your Home is Safe

Our pet-sitting visits also provide your home with the upkeep and added security of a “lived-in” appearance. We provide home watching services with our pet-sitting to keep burglars away by activities such as bringing in the mail, newspapers and trash bins, turning on lights, and adjusting the window shades. Beside pet-sitting and home watching services, we waterProducts We're Loving - Pioneer Pet Fung Shui Fountain. Read more ... » your plantsToxic and Poisonous Plants for Cats, Dogs, and Horses!. Read more ... », clean up pet accidents and more, making sure you return to a clean home as well as a happyYou Should Hire a Dog Walker: A "no dog left bored" public announcement!. Read more ... » pet.

The Luxury Standard

We are built on The Luxury Standard that helps us achieve the quality services our clients have come to expect! See The Luxury Standard in Action!

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